JWOC Training Camp #1


After Jukola Christian, Sofie, and I were lucky enough to be able to join the American Junior Team for an intensive training camp around Tampere. It lasted for about six days and each day had a morning fitness session of either agility or core, as well as two orienteering sessions.

Since we did quiet a few trainings I wanted to share the ones that I felt were most significant to my improvement over this camp:


One of the largest improvements for me was in the area of Sprint Orienteering, and I was able to see clear improvement over the three trainings that we did.

The first one was filled with four different intervals; on the first we worked on reading fine detail, on the second we planned ahead and followed ourselves on the map, on the third we knew our exits and entries, and on the fourth we ran through the most technical part and had to piece the skills together. I found that this build up and then application of the skills reengaged my sprint mindset and set me off on the right foot for the next trainings.

Hervanta Sprint

The second sprint training was filled with four different 600-800m intervals where we had to quickly get into the map and run at race pace. For the first three I did a really good job engaging myself and quickly flowed into the map each time, and in the last one I lost a bit of focus and forced myself to rebound πŸ™‚ These intervals ended up being some of my fastest sprints yet which was a huge confidence booster to me.


The final sprint was a 3km course on the other side of the hill from the JWOC Sprint Embargo and it went really smoothly. I had adapted to the Finnish building and mapping styles which lead to fewer confidence issues with checking things off like I had done during the Grano Games.

All in all I came out of the training camp feeling ready to perform a smooth, consistent, and fast sprint at JWOC this year and am much more confident in myself to handle the stress of crowds!img_2078-1.jpg

As for the forest trainings every single one helped me understand to read the Finnish terrain better, but three stuck out to me as the ones which I benefited from the most.

The first one that I would like to talk about was one where we ran mini intervals and focused on distance estimation. This clicked for me when I started to visualize how far around a track I would need to run and then I looked into the terrain and was able to visualize it nearly really well each time.This will be helpful where I need to run to a control through either dense or vague terrain –> especially during the first few controls in the Middle at JWOC.


My second significant gain from a forest training was when we reran the first six or seven kilometers of the Finnish Trials Long Distance. I ran this at a super relaxed pace and was able to read the terrain way better and although I still had a few mistakes, I improved in 11 out of the 13 controls with A LOT less fatigue after them.


You can read my analysis for as to why I did or didn’t improve in each control by clicking the picture. The controls are not in order because there were two loops in the race that we did in an opposite order.

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.18.23 AM

The final significant training was our last one where we simulated a mass start relay. The beginning was pretty rough for me and there were quiet a few times that I could have picked better route choices and kept better map contact, but in the end this was hugely beneficial to me because it helped me realize my new boundaries that have been made after this training camp, and get back into the mindset of racing.

Click the picture to watch the relay with the girls and guys mass start. Note: I had a few mistakes from not seeing the control pole: more so that not knowing where I was πŸ˜‰

I will be recovering over the next week and do a few sprint intervals to keep my mind engaged and body moving quickly, then I will take two more days off before joining the Americans again for two pre JWOC races and then train with the Canadians until JWOC.

If you haven’t already please consider donating to help me afford racing at JWOC this year. Click here –> Link <– to visit my RallyMe πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the PreJWOC update!



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