Flying Pig XXI Part 1


Meeting up with the DGL guys

As always the Flying Pig was a blast to attend! It was my first A-Meet since the NAOC’s and ran in my first ever Night-O 🙂


We drove to the races Friday morning, and at around noon the Middle Distance started. Since this was my first large race in quiet a while I decided to take it out conservatively to get a feel from control to control before I build up speed.

Everything was starting to click along until I just missed control 9 by a hair and ended up having large mistake. After relocating twice (off of the boulder and control 13) I was able to find the control.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 5.12.58 PM.png
Shift my GPS up a little to understand where I ran

To prevent a mistake like that from happening again be cautious when coming into green, and do a better job visualizing what the area around the control will going to look like. Once I recovered from that slip everything went fairly smoothly. I was able to start picking up the pace which helped me recover my lost ground and finished first in M21-E with a 7:03 min/km.

Middle Splits: link

Middle GPS: link

After the crew finished up we went back to our hotel to shower and eat a large lunch/dinner to refuel for the US Night-O Championships which were starting around 9pm.


I came into the Night-O a bit afraid at its difficulty (because I had never done a night-o before), but came out of it with a big smile 🙂


If you check my GPS out you can see that for the first couple of controls I was all over the place. Going to control two I had troubles trusting my compass bearing and contour reading so I ran to the west spur instead of the east one where the control was. After recovering from my mistake I quickly learnt two things: you can see the control’s shine from far away, and that I would need to take some safe routes.

The next couple of controls went smoothly, with only the occasional silly mistake like not realizing that the ruins at control four were situated inside the hill.

The rough patch from my race

After control thirteen I was alone. While running through the field to fifteen an eerie feeling washed over me that made me feel like I was being watched, and after being spooked I had a few rough compass bearings. From control 16-19 I became distracted and struggled to maintain a good compass bearing, which cost me several minutes.

I pulled myself back together when ran through the spectator control and had a strong finish. In the end I won the Red course with a 9:21 min/km, but didn’t receive a medal because I had raced earlier in the day.

Looking back at the race I couldn’t have expected much more from myself, but I know that in future night-o’s I will maintain better focus and gain confidence as I progress.

Night-O Splits: Link

Night-O GPS: Link


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