Having a Better Understanding

A sample of the first two weeks

Over the past year or two I have learnt the importance of being able to pick out significant workouts in order better understand training programs work for me. In the past I have sifted through my Attackpoint log, going from training to training, looking for workouts that had gone well and then try to figure out these triggers are, and then do the opposite look for triggers that have worked against me (like a terrible taper). To make this analysis easier to visualize I have pieced together a way to rate my workouts.

After analyzing them and posting the entire workout on Attackpoint I will develop the overall feeling of my run, run finish, or overall orienteering training and be able to rate them out of 10.

The analysis I do on my training log is to account for the large portion of minute variables. After looking into each piece I will be able to have a better picture of how the training went. Along with individual training ratings, all workouts will also be averaged together so that I can see patterns between each week, month, or year. Additional notes can also be made on top of each rating to help give insight when looking back for patterns and triggers.

I will include this rating system into my upcoming weekly analysis. My goal is to work towards figuring out how I can become more consistently strong in both my running and orienteering.

The link to the Workout Analysis spreadsheet is below but for future reference will be able to be found in the tab “Training Resources.”

Workout Analysis Spreadsheet


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