Onwards to 2017

Photo by Dave Yee Photography

Last year had lots of ups and downs. It started out with the Vancouver Sprint Camp which set me off in the right direction. I planned out a few of the larger North American races that I wanted to attend; the Flying Pig XX in Kentucky, West Point A-Meet (and US Junior Team Trials) in New York, and the Ontario Championships… in Ontario 🙂 Then came the races that I had been building up to; JWOC, the COCs, and the NAOCs.

I was often left me varying results; when I was confident and had good “flow” during a race I would place highly and hit or exceed my goals. But when I felt like I needed to do well and had to watch out for myself because the race really, really mattered, results would worsen by quiet a large margin.

After looking back and analyzing how I prepared and what mental processes had been going through my head during the times I did both well and poorly, I came up with my goals for both training and results for this coming year:

  1. During every hard run, orienteering training, and race -no matter what level- I will run them with the intensity and focus that I would at JWOC.
    • This is because in larger races I haven’t had the confidence to go all out, which caused me to slow down and hesitate, resulting in races which have not been not proud of. This goal is to engrave my intensity and make it something that I can feel comfortable with  while racing at the world stage.
  2. During the spring I will build up my speed, running strength, and core.
    • This will largely be focused on training with my track team and working towards a 4:24 mile time, as well as making it out once or twice a month to do long trail runs, helping make me more comfortable at running through forests.
  3. For JWOC I want one result in the top 45, as well as a relay placement of coming back 9th officially.
    • Last year having a new goal for each race made me overthink them, and mentally prepare to try harder in others while relaxing on some. My new goal will help me push hard on them all, and allow me the mental confidence to go hard and not worry about blowing up a single race.
  4. In preparing for JWOC I will take a better taper several weeks before.
    • Last year I didn’t have enough recovery time and was mentally exhausted coming into the races, something that I can easily fix for coming years.

Other than those goals, I plan on enjoying myself. Orienteering has and continues to bring me to the most amazing places in the world, and has helped me meet my best friends.

2017 here I come!


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