NAOC Sprint and Sprint Relay

Tagging off to Graeme in 3rd place

The weekend started with Graeme and I duke’ it out in the Middle and ended very appropriately with my tagging off to him in the Relay. In the Sprint I raced up again and so in M21E I came 7th overall and 4th North American, missing the podium by 14 seconds. For the Sprint Relay I ran on Canada Team 2 with Emma Waddington, Graeme Rennie, and Tori Owens.


I was pretty nervous for the sprint because it was the first one that I had done since the COC’s a few months ago, and I felt like I needed to be in more of a groove to perform my best in it. To try and get into the right mindset of “knowing my exit” I warmed up by running on the model map. This helped me start to adjust back into a sprinting gear but I still hadn’t fully gotten back into the rhythm which would allow for fast running and minimal mistakes.

Fighting hard to gain back time

After a solid warmup I went to the call-up to start the race. The first few controls went fairly well. I knew that they were going to be rough for me technique-wise so I brought my pace down to one that I could navigate at. After hitting the first few controls decently I started trying to plan ahead and be ready for the upcoming legs but that caused me to look at my map too much which made me run right by a building that I needed to turn in for control 3, costing me around 40 seconds.

After the mess up I tried to settle myself down and get back into the groove but again had the issue of not looking up and ran right by where my control was because I was planning ahead which cost me another 20 seconds going to control 8.

From there on out the rest of my race was fairly smooth. Coming through the spectator control I tried to pick up the pace and make up some lost time. In the end I placed 7th overall and 4th North American. Looking back at my race I know that it wasn’t what I am capable of but I am still satisfied because showed me that I have made it to the point where a not-so-great race can still put me among the top North American sprinters.

Splits: WinSplits

Map: RouteGadget (I couldn’t get it to work but it might for others so give it a try)

Sprint Relay


Women’s Forkings
Men’s Forkings

I was really excited to have made it onto the second Canadian Team with my teammate Emma Waddington, as well as Graeme Rennie and Tori Owens.

Emma was the first leg and did an amazing job throughout it, coming back in the top pack for the women which brought in Canada 1, Canada 2, and USA 2, with USA 1 having about a 20 second lead. From there Damian(on Canada 1) and I were chasing down Anton(on USA 1). By the spectator control we had both caught up to him and were running across the field. The last loop didn’t have any forking but I didn’t realize that, and in an attempt to gain some time on them I took a few poor route choices and ended up having Anton and Damian gap me by about 40 seconds.

Emma and I

From there it was Graeme’s leg and he had a pretty solid race, with only one major mistake. Graeme came back with around a 1 minute lead from the next team, USA 2. Tori raced out and pushed it hard for her leg. Coming into the spectator control we knew that it was going to be a tight race because Alex Jospe (from USA 2) and Tori were running side by side. In the final loop Alex was just able to get away from Tori, making the final placements 3rd for USA 2 and 4th for us CAN 2.

It turned out that USA 1 had a mis-punch which resulted in us moving into 3rd place and winning the bronze medal for the North American Sprint Relay!




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