NAOC Middle M21E

Thierry Gueorgiou and I

I came out of the middle distance very content with how I had performed! It was great to find out how well that I need to do in order to make future WOC teams, and to see where I’m at right now.

Also, I was pretty happy to beat a World Champion in 3 of the 25 splits 🙂

Today the race was also a World Ranking Event which added a very professional feeling to the race. There was even photo-finish timing!

Coming into the race I wanted to have a really good race but I knew that I had only orienteering once in the past three months, so I would need to be careful in the start and really make sure that I didn’t start picking up the pace until I was into the map already having good flow.

My specific plan was:

  • 100% focus and follow through with my plans in the beginning
  • Thought process: attack point, control(picture it), exit


Controls 2-4 were where I lost most of my time. Going to 2 I didn’t have a good plan as well and I didn’t trust my compass bearing so I ended up having to bail to the south road then head to the control. For 3 I started to get into the map and thumb along but lost contact and needed to so some guessing to find out where I was. And then to 4 ran to the top of the dashed green but had troubles finding the small trails just before 4. It was then that I started to notice the “trails” were actually yellow areas from being ski trails, so I started to use that to my advantage on future controls.

From there on out I did a fairly good job at following through with my route choices but often times struggled to zone in as I was coming to the control so I lost 15-20sec quite a few times when it came to spiking the controls.

At 13 Alexander Bergstrom and Graeme Rennie hit the control just after me so I tried to hammer it up the hill and was able to drop Alex but from there on out it was Graeme and I racing against one another. I tried a few times to have good flow and run away from him but coming into control 25 I only had a 10 second gap and got a little confused on the trails which led Graeme to hitting 25 before me and a fun sprint to the finish!

Overall I came 9th and 7th North American. My time was 39:41 for 5.5km which came out to a 7:12 min/km which was a great km time for hilly, dense terrain! The Canadians are also on their way to winning back both the Björn Kellström Cup, winning 4 of the 6 top 3 spots in M21E and F21E as well as.

Tomorrow I will be racing the Long Distance back in my age group –> M20.

For live results go here of all races go here:

Middle Distance Splits:



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