JWOC Training Camp Day 3


Morning yoga with the DontGetLost team

On Monday we had a sprint training in S-Chala on the map Sent. The purpose of this training was to simulate the JWOC sprint and the stages that you would have to go through: 3 points at start, people cheering for you, etc.


After figuring out the start list everyone began warming up. We were each given around 20-30 minutes of time and then we had to get to the start at least 3 minutes early for the call-up.

20160704_111303 (1).jpg
Robbie Graham at Control 1

For many of the Canadian Junior this was their first sprint in an old European town and so it took a few controls before everyone was fully adjusted to the mapping. I was very pleased with my past two weeks’ trainings, where I had run on a sprint map almost every third day, which allowed me to quickly get into the map.

20160704_111715 (1).jpg
Emma Waddington posing for the camera 🙂

I took the first couple of controls at an aggressive, controlled pace and used reliable features like the fountain near 12 when I was going to 2. Going to 4 I was able to kick up the intensity and started to navigate faster. The higher orienteering speed lasted until around the 11th control. After that I started to relax too much and I lost my intensity to navigate with complete control, and so my running pace dropped from a 3:50min/km to a 4:25min/km.

20160704_111805 (1).jpg
Me trying out the run with sunglasses!. Emma Sherwood and Pia Blake chasing

Overall I was happy with my run, and it showed me that I am completely able to run at high speeds without messing up. The last piece of my orienteering form that I want to tweak before JWOC will be to find the right trigger for keeping my intensity high which will then help keep my speed up.

Check out our run on 2DRerun: link

Jeff helping us out with route choices as we looked over old maps of the where the Middle Q and Long will be.

After coming back to the hotel Christian and I decided to relax and set up our hammock while we did some map reading. After about an hour Emma and Nicole joined us and Jeff gave us some guidance on picking routes that suited our individual strengths.

Later in the evening everyone decided to play some soccer and relax. I took pictures because I didn’t want to risk getting hit in the head or injured. Not sure who won…

Quote of the day from Lief while being pick on a team for soccer, “What?! You picked me?!”



2 thoughts on “JWOC Training Camp Day 3

  1. Adrian Z

    Its fun following your preparations. Some impressive speeds. Looks super cool old-town sprint terrain! Good luck to everyone in that very beautiful place. Focus. Concentrate. Run fast. Concentrate some more.


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