JWOC Training Camp Days 1-2


Everyone arrived in Ftan on Saturday night. After having a tasty, all-you-can-eat, buffet style dinner we talked over the upcoming week’s schedule and started to prepare.

On Sunday morning we got up early to have breakfast and then headed out to pick up our maps and walk look at the non-embargoed areas in Scoul to get a feel for what the sprint race would be like.

When walking around we looked for areas that could be used as traps or placed that are sometimes just hard to understand like stair ways and multilevel passages.

After coming back to the Hostel and having lunch we headed out to our first JWOC Training, S-chala, in Lavin. For this training we focused on starting to understand the how the terrain was mapped, and how to use the mapped features. Everyone went out in groups of 2-4 and lightly jogged around, sometimes going from control to control.

Robbie putting on his socks before heading out!
Christian and I started by going to control one and checked out how fields were areas of grass and usually had more light that places marked as open forest. We then went around the 9-12 section and looked at cliffs, knolls, and green areas. After that we headed out and did a light jog to controls 3, 4, and 5 and tested out our understanding of the terrain. I found that once we did this slightly faster terrain test I started to really be able to understand what I was going through and how the contours were marked.


We then did a test run down from 5 to 8 where I checked out the field and Christian ran along the right side of the river. Both of us did a good job keeping on track of where we were and smoothly ran around and to the cliff where control 3 was situated.

From there we tested the left and right route choices around the hill going from 8 to 9. I went to the left and hopped on the path just as is was turning then ran along the smaller path until about half-way up where I took a compass bearing and contoured around the hill where 9 was and ran along to the spur that the control was on. Christian ran along the right side of the hill, up the path and then came in to the control over the small hill that it was on. We found that left was faster because it was shorter, but I probably could’ve run it even faster if I had stayed on the path and popped over the hill where control 9 was instead of going around(mind you going around made sure that I would hit the control).


We then ended our training by running a set of faster controls going from 9 to 12 to 11 to 10 to 1 then home. I really liked this part of the training because I was able to start using my new understanding of the terrain and got to simulate it at close to race pace. All of the controls went smoothly for both Christian and I, and we had a great finish to our first JWOC Training!

After heading home and having dinner we had a meeting and talked over our forest training, and picked out the important information that we had learnt. Here are some of the notes that I took(discard my thought about rocky fields, it was an anomaly):


Saturday’s Quote of the Day from Nicole Whitmore, “I’m Lavin it!”

Go Canada GO!



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