Switzerland Week Two

The view from Mt. Pilatus
The View from on top of Mt. Pilatus


The week started out a little rough when I caught a cold. Happily though it only ever grew into a cough and stuffed nose, so I still had energy to train!

On Monday I took the day off to recover from the previous weekend’s training camp in Jura. Sofie and I went to Luzern and checked out the city wall and Mt. Pilatus. My favorite part was half way up the mountain at a stop where the forest was almost exactly the same as Norwegian maps!


On Tuesday Julia from the US team and I ran a sprint map that Sofie had put together for us!


For this sprint I worked on fluidly running and having my exit planned. On the first map I felt the strongest, and got into it fairly quickly. I did a good job finding little allies but sometimes struggled catching stairs. My running pace for this one was around a 4:20/km.

For the second sprint I tried to keep my flow going but I stuggled to get into the map largely because of taking too long to figure out route choices.

After this training I decided that I would work on route choice speed at home on http://routechoice.co/weeks.html

Wednesday afternoon I went to a regional race which had around 30 people in my category. The race went really well, especially in the beginning where I kept a high running speed and worked hard going up the hills. On the splits it showed that I was leading by two minutes half way through, but then I started to relax too much and slowed down to the point where I came second by 3 seconds…

From this I got a confidence booste in that my orienteering speed is definitely fast enough and I’m able to maintain it at high speeds. In the future I would like to keep my momentum going and work on keeping a strong pace and fast route planning while continuing to work on planning out my route with checkpoints

Results and splits: link

On Thursday I had originally planned to run two downhill sprints but I was feeling under the weather and decided to take the day off and instead work on analyzing the sprint and long distance races for JWOC. In the evening Sofie and I went on a light 8 km run which helped make me feel a little bit better 🙂

After a draining week we only had one more training to go; some nice sprint intervals that her coach helped set up for us!

The first sprint had quiet a few tricky areas where I needed to know which side of the wall things were on which kept me from being able to really pick up my pace.

The second training focused more on route choice so I worked on planning out where I would run quickly then following through without hesitation. This went fairly well for me, with my main area of weakness stemming from not having exit directions planned out.
Overall I felt that this week has been a really big confidence booster for me from being able to compete well against top runners, and figuring out a lot more flow in my sprints. Going into this next week I am going to work hard on understanding how the JWOC maps are made as well as what checkpoints and reliable and lastly on compass bearings up and down hills.

Until next time Reigoldswil!


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