Jura Training Camp Part 2

I wanted to make these races as smooth as possible to understand how I could compare with other top Suisse orienteers. But after the first race it became very clear to me that I needed to first work on my orienteering skills before I could let myself focus on competing.


My plan for this race was to “orienteer really well,” which of course ended up being way too vague. To me this meant that I would have to look at my map often (about every 15 seconds) and navigate as I went. The problem with this plan arose whenever I needed to find the control and hadn’t made firm attackpoints or catching features, resulting in me messing up quiet a few controls.

Coming out of this race I wanted to make the best of it, so I went to our coach (Jeff) and we talked through each control. In the end it, whenever I was focused and had made a plan my controls went really well, but when I was just navigating without a sense of direction or urgency, I fell apart. From that we concluded that I needed to work on making a plan with checkpoints along the way to each control, and for each checkpoint I had to clearly understand what tactic that I would use (compass bearing, contouring, a combination of the two, vegetation features, etc.).


My plan was to make checkpoints for the control ahead before leaving the current control, and follow through with them. This worked well for the most part, and can be seen in my splits. Again my overall result came down to my consistency; at the beginning I was much more focused and kept my intensity high, as well as, I followed through with my checkpoints, causing me to be in first place twice in the race. Then towards the end I did a poorer job planning and following through, causing my intensity to lessen, and which resulted in quiet a few slow controls, hence making me lose my lead and then continue to lose time until I ended up finishing 11th.

Going to control one I ran into a barbed wire fence… Hoppla!

Overall I was very happy about this race because it proved to me that when I have a solid plan I am able to orienteer as fast. I have also been able to take away the understanding that in order to place well in big races I can’t let my intensity split away in the later stages of each race.



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