Jura Training Camp Part 1


I met up with Anton(on team USA) on the train to Nyon and then once we got there we waiting for Tim and Roark(on team South Africa) to come in from their flight. Once we all saw eachother we headed down to the first training, a sprint map about a 20 minute walk from the train station.

The sprint coarse was made by Sofie’s coach, so lots of thanks to him 🙂 We staggered our starts by around 1 minute each and began running.

My run overall was fairly rough, but a majority of my mistakes were from not having a good enough balance between glancing at the map and checking off features. On most of the controls I was able to plan out a smooth route, which is usually where I struggle so I was definitely happy about that! For my future sprints I want to work on having a better balance between map reading and being aware of my area. I’ll talk to my coaches to figure out exactly what that means for me.

After the sprint training in Nyon we headed off to the camp site that we would be staying at in St-Cergue and set up out tents before heading out to our next training.

This training was the same course as the Swiss WOC 2012 qualifiers, so there was no lack of technical or physical difficultly!
I took this training fairly easy and worked on checking off features and holding strong compass bearings in the green areas. I didn’t have any big mistakes and was able to stay in control while I navigated. Though I did have troubles figuring out how to run through the forest, and the rocky areas really slowed me down.

In future forests like this one I will:

  • Have a short running stride
  • Glance at my map extremely often, especially in technical areas
  • Have attackpoint from above the control

After we got back from the training Michael(on team USA) had arrived so our camp grew from 4 to 5 🙂

Breakfast with Michaels fresh bought bread!

Day two was meant to be more of a recovery day so we only had one training.

For this training we went out in fast paced intervals of 30 second set. The first few controls were taken at an easy pace and then once we met up again we took the controls out at race pace and met up every 3-4 controls.

I found that in these woods I was really comfortable with going through any terrain that they had to offer: green, rocky or field, but I struggled whenever I lost focus.

To try and keep my focus at a high level, for the middle distance race tomorrow I am going to focus on looking at my map often and check off features.

After the training we had a fair amount of time left so we decided to take a nap and then catch the train to France where I had my first French Bagguette!

Anton on Roark’s back trying to get a boccie ball

Once we came back we relaxed and played bochie until dinner 🙂


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