Flying Pig-XX Day 2


Some pre race focus 😀

The Sprint

Overall the sprint today went fairly well. As soon as we arrived we noticed all of the controls in the forest and the start which also pointed us in there, and so we quickly realized that it would largely be a forest sprint.

Running smoothly through a control ;P

After 45 min of warm up I still had quiet a few nerves left in me, so I was a bit jittery heading to the start. My goal was to focus on knowing my turning points and to start at a steady pace. Going to the first control I had my largest mistake of the race which was because I tried to simplify the map to much and didn’t look at other road features. The rest of the controls went fairly well which brought me back up to 3rd in M20 and 5th on the course.

Essi finishing
Henrik sprinting to a control






My dad pushing hard to the finish
Magnus all smiles 🙂







Since we started pretty early in the day we got to cheer on the rest of our team mates and talk to lots of friends after they raced. I also did a quick race analysis with Erin the US Junior Team Coach.

The rest of my family did well. Henrik surprised everyone with almost a perfect run which was awesome! Essi held a very consistent race and hopefully some more technical terrain tomorrow will let her excel. My dad had a strong race, and Magnus finished smiling which was great!

The Banquet

Tomas Laria 2nd(right), and me 3rd(left)

After the races we rushed back to the hotel and got in and out in 30min, allowing us to just arrive at the Pasta Dinner on time. It was a lot of fun getting to socialize with everyone in a non-race environment.

Henrik winning 1st!
The gang 🙂







All in all it was a great night and although I had a few unacceptable mistakes I was still very happy with coming top three, and winning close to half of the splits. Also congrats to Tomas for beating me, I know he was pretty excited about it, and it’s awesome to see that our little team still is very competitive between each other. The best training partners are the ones that you can push each other to get better!


Race Splits:


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