Flying Pig-XX Day 1


After about 5 hours of driving we started to see hills, which was a nice change from flat grasslands around Illinois and Indiana. Once we arrived in Hamilton we went to the Courtyard by Marriott to pick up our practice maps and then headed off to run on the practice map.

At first it looked like the map was going to be pretty rough, and because of that we decided to run on the center portions of the map where there was more white as well as quiet a few interesting features. After running for a little I noticed that the map was closer to 1:15000 than 1:10000 but I quickly adjusted to that and then continued focusing on understanding how the map maker mapped.

jan erik with route copy
The training route I took

I took a few things from this practice run: it is very humid and hot, so I won’t need to bundle up for any races, all dried ditches are now rivers because of past rain, and green was very obvious and clearly labeled for the runability, as well as white was reliable.

Tonight I will study some sprint maps and go to bed early, then off to the sprint races tomorrow! And play some Wii with my brothers, because we brought our Wii 😀



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