2018 Season Opener


The Portugal O Meeting became my season opener because of its fast and open terrain, making it the perfect preparation for this year’s Junior Worlds in Hungary. Thus, I came into these races with a high level of intensity, hoping to simulate as much of a JWOC situation as possible.

Preparation started about a week before with some map reading while running intervals on the treadmill. Here Marius (my training partner from Norway) and I took alternating controls and explained how we would navigate to the control after a short glances at the map.

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Progress in Norway

Sightseeing in Trondheim

I been have  in Norway for just over one month now and things are heading in the right direction. This year I will be living at Ronningen, a folkehøgskole in Oslo, Norway. Here I will be training for orienteering, going through an intensive Norwegian course, and also experiences norwegian culture! 🙂

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Getting back into it and the Finnish Trials

Parking before the Grano Games (Finnish Trials)

After arriving in Helsinki I stayed at one of the American Junior’s homes: Anton, who has and will be helping me with planning out what to do in Finland. The next morning I headed out to a friends apartment in Tampere to start getting used to the JWOC terrain.

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Having a Better Understanding

A sample of the first two weeks

Over the past year or two I have learnt the importance of being able to pick out significant workouts in order better understand training programs work for me. In the past I have sifted through my Attackpoint log, going from training to training, looking for workouts that had gone well and then try to figure out these triggers are, and then do the opposite look for triggers that have worked against me (like a terrible taper). To make this analysis easier to visualize I have pieced together a way to rate my workouts.

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